The GW UCG offers a variety of resources for students to get an in-depth understanding of the consulting industry and provides pro-bono consulting services for clientele.

“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.” 

Over the weekend we hosted our Annual UCG Case Competition. The teams were highly competitive and the event was a great success! We had 12 teams total and judges from Deloitte, KPMG, IBM, Guidehouse, EMPEA, Avalere, and Capco. 

Congratulations to Sara Tohamy, Kate Naughton, Jaleh Shambayati, and Grant Lawley for winning the competition! Each of these outstanding individuals is part of our UCG new member class and truly blew the judges away by putting their MDT training to work. The second place team was Michael Reddy, Jack McKenna, and Yiwen Chen. In third place we had Claire Martin, Greg Mekenian, Reuel Warner-Rosen, and Jamie Cohen. Congratulations to all of our finalists!

We'd also like to thank our co-sponsors, TAMID, CUBO, MIPC, and the GWSB Office of Undergraduate Programs and Advising. Thank you for helping us to make it such a great day!


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