Energy & Media

FALL 2015

"The client, a start-up focusing on the intersection of the energy sector and media, was looking for assistance in developing a long-term strategy. The UCG Team, comprised of 8 associate consultants and 1 principal, prepared an extensive strategy for the client over the period of 3 months. The associates where divide up into their areas of expertise, covering aspects ranging from legal to marketing. On top of general strategy planning, the team also came up with a list of suggestions the client should consider in the short-term. The client was highly content with the outcome of Project Volt, as is apparent in his review, 'Thank you so much for getting the finished UCG product to me. I have thoroughly reviewed it and am very impressed by the work, not only by the formality, but also by the thoroughness of it.  The work that you and the rest of the UCG team have done will help guide me in our endeavor.'“

 - Nicolas Mauchle, Project Leader


Strategizing Curriculum


"The client, Professor Osman, is an American studies teacher. His class 'America is the 60th' follows American history through the Vietnam War, part of the Cold War and other major international events the United States played a role in. Professor Osman teaches his class by projecting a word document on a blank screen and scrolling through it during his lecture. He finds this method not engaging enough for the students and wishes to find a better way to lead his lectures. Additionally, keeping track and taking attendance can be quite a challenge is his class of 76 students and often has low attendance records. Finally, Professor Osman’s class suffers from low participation and engagement from students as they are often distracted by their laptops. In an effort to modernize his classroom, Professor Osman has set the following objectives for this project: Create and implement PowerPoint presentations to better communicate class material and engage students, create and implement an attendance database to better track class attendance and participation as well as encourage students to attend class, and improve class participation and enthusiasm by better engaging students." 

Alexandra Blanc, Project Leader