Members and Alumni Achievement

UCG members gain an extensive set of skills, connections and experience that equip them to thrive in their internships and post-graduate careers. Whatever your personal goals are, whatever type of consulting you are interested in, UCG offers the excluding resources and support to help you get there. Our members and alumni have gone on to join extraordinary organizations.


Being on the UCG e-board has given me the opportunity create impactful change on the GW community. The ability to mentor students while building a new student org has by far been my most valuable experience in college. It has also given me the skills to succeed in the consulting industry and the opportunities to network with high profile individuals.
— Max Cantine, Alumni
The Pro Bono practice gave me hands on experience with real clients, improving my critical thinking skills and ability to work with a team of different characters. Thus, strengthening my resume.
— Chloe Barz, VP External Relations
UCG has given me a set of professional skills that I have been able to use both on and off campus, while building an awesome network of professional connections and friends.
— Dylan Cole, Associate
UCG gives me all the exposure I need in order to sufficiently prepare myself for the next step in my life. No matter what I end up doing as my career develops, I know that UCG played a part in giving me a strong foundation and supplying me with professional skills that will serve me well for years to come.
— Dan O'Donnell, Associate