The benefits

Experience. We offer hands-on experience and the opportunity to work directly with a team of fellow members and clients on real projects through our pro-bono project program.  

Guidance. We supplement this experience with regular workshops, development trainings, and an annual themed conference to ensure that our members develop the necessary business and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in today's competitive job market!

Connections. Not only do we pride ourself with having good relationships with external firms, but internally, our current members and alumni are thriving in top local and international companies and institutions. As a member, you will have access to our exclusive network of membership dinners and networking events. 

The Results

UCG members gain an extensive set of skills, connections and experience that equip them to thrive in their internships and post-graduate careers. Whatever your personal goals are, whatever type of consulting you are interested in, UCG offers the exclusive resources and support to help you get there. Our members and alumni have worked for and gone on to join extraordinary organizations.